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Terms & Conditions:


SOILMasters requires you the ‘Supplier’ to Provide:

  • Products and delivery areas
  • Wholesale price list and retail price list
  • Signed agreement form

SOILMasters requires you the ‘Supplier’ to:

  • Ensure prompt service to clients
  • Ensure quality products are being sold

SOILMasters: How we Work:

  • Orders are placed through SOILMasters call center or online.  Clients are then invoiced from SOILMasters.
  • SOILMasters pays supplier for product via credit card.
  • The supplier will fax or email the invoice and the credit card slip to SOILMasters once payment is received
  • The supplier will deliver the product to the client

SOILMasters: The Details

  • There is no start-up, ongoing or contractual fees.  You may cancel anytime
  • SOILMasters advertises in the specified area in any way they see fit.
  • Upon completion of the following agreement SoilMasters will set up a web page based on products and delivery options.
  • All completed orders will be directed to your specified email address and or phone number.  
  • SOILMasters will provide your company with as many orders in the specified area as possible with prompt and speedy service.
  • Once the order is directed to you the agreement is then between the supplier and the client
  • All changes to company information (products, prices, etc) needs to be provided to SOILMasters in writing
  • All orders will be paid via credit card.  At no time does the client receive the supplier invoice
  • Written notice must be provided and sent to SOILMasters in order to cancel your services.
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Printable Form: Supplier Agree Form

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