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RTF: Sod (10sq ft) Rolls


RTF® Water Saver grass seed offers:

Self-repairing turf

  • Quickly fills in damages or open spots with new shoots of grass
  • High level of traffic tolerance
  • A dense turf without bare patches prevents weed growth

Strong, deep root system and drought tolerance

  • Rapid development of a deep roots system
  • Excellent drought and heat tolerance with less irrigation
  • Adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions

Thrives in sun or shade

  • Excellent in the transition zone climate (areas with both extreme heat and cold, like Canada)
  • Will not brown out in the intense summer heat
  • One of the most shade tolerant cool season grasses

Thrives with Less Water

  • RTF is able to stay lush and green under conditions with 30% less watering

Excellent colour and density

  • Has fine leaves which produce a very dense, uniform turf
  • Early spring green-up
  • Keeps its rich green colour even in the summer heat.

Higher value for homeowners, municipalities and landscape trade

  • Pest tolerant: High endophyte content in a RTF plants that produces alkaloids, making a RTF lawn undesirable for insects, grubs, or as forage for mammals.
  • Disease resistant & healthy: RTF withstands several weather conditions and a host of environmental influences that increases tolerance to disease.
  • Less over-seeding, fewer weed problems, and no ‘wide leaf’ or ugly, clumpy leaves. RTF produces a fine, dense leaf that is more consistent than ordinary fescues. © 2014 Frontier Theme
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