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Selection of a Professional Landscape Contractor

When looking for a professional landscape contractor it’s important to select the right company for the job.  You have worked hard to have a nice home and you want to make sure the professional you choose will take the same amount of pride in their work as you do in your home.  There are some things you should […]


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Rubber Mulch London Ontario & Surrounding Area

Rubber mulch eliminates the need for annual mulching since rubber does not break down as organic mulches do. This type of mulch is usually offered in natural-looking colors, such as shades of red and brown and is aesthetically pleasing, but will cost more initially than organic mulches. Weed control. Rubber mulches are equally effective in […]

NOW Selling Rubberific Mulch

Uncompromised Quality / Enduring Beauty / Unparalleled Safety Made from 100% RECYCLED Rubber Looks Great 365 days a year 99.9% Wire Free Landscape Will not attract termites, carpenter ants ot other harmful insects Preserves ground moisture to keep plants healthy Will not fade, rot, compress or lose it’s original beauty, even after years of exposure […]

Factors Affecting Deicing Action

Many factors affect the process of melting snow and ice. Decisions on how and when to apply materials are best left to field supervisors and operators who can assess conditions and adjust to changes. Concentration If too much chemical is used, not all of it will dissolve into solution, and some will be wasted. Too […]

Deicing with Salt

Plowing is the best way to remove snow and slush from pavements. Make sure you hiring a reputable contractor to do your plowing. S.P.M Landscaping ( However, clearing winter roads to bare pavement usually requires de-icing chemicals. The most commonly used chemical is SALT (sodium Chloride), usually mined rock salt that has been crushed, screened, […]

Landscape Materials – Rubber Mulch

Offering Landscape Material in London Ontario NOW OFFERING ~ RUBBER MULCH Read all about the Benifits of Rubber Mulch get on board with this new inovative product. © 2014 Frontier Theme